New Study on Why some people remember dreams and others don’t

New Study on Why some people remember dreams and others don’t

By Jasmine Bailey

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Do you often remember your dreams? Or maybe when you’re awake, what went on during sleep remains a mystery. A group of researchers in France conducted a study to find out why some people remember dreams while others don’t.

They studied brain scans of 41 people while they were awake and asleep. They found that high dream recallers, people who remember dreams about five times a week, have a higher level of activity in certain parts of the brain.

​Whether awake or asleep, those participants showed higher activity levels in the medial prefrontal cortex and the temporoparietal junction — areas involved in processing information, including external stimuli. (ViaWikimedia Commons / Ranveig)

The results also showed people who often remember their dreams are more prone to waking up during the night.

“Sleepers who can recall their dreams vividly have twice as much wakefulness during sleep as people who forget them almost immediately, meaning they probably wake up briefly during the night, cementing their dreams into memory.” (Via KMAX)

As the lead researcher explains, the “​sleeping brain is not capable of memorizing new information; it needs to awaken to be able to do that.” (Via HealthDay News)

According to the study, high dream recallers also have more dreams compared to low recallers — giving them more dreams to remember.

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Last night / this morning I dreamed of a nuclear apocalypse. Not a global nuclear exchange but rather, an accident with a single nuclear missile whose warhead is eroded by acid until it explodes. In this dream I see the tip of a nuclear bomb submerged in a vat of acid and it’s nose cone is slowly eaten away by the acid. I don’t think this could actually cause a nuclear missile to explode but that’s how it works in the dream. And somehow it’s “my” / “our” fault in the dream. And we are trying to gather a few friends to escape the city before all hell breaks loose!

There was much more to the dream but that was the basic theme. There was also a scene where I and a friend became trapped in an incredibly small elevator – like the size of a highschool locker. The elevator malfunctioned and seemed to plummet to a sub-basement. We had to pry the doors open and I recall the person / child I was with reading the tiny serial numbers on the inside of the door, stating that she could recite these numbers to the automated system and get us out. It worked – sortof. 

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